WordPress Theme for Plumbers and Tree Services

The Best WordPress Theme for Plumbers and Tree Services

There are lots of different options for those of you who are looking for a WordPress Theme to fit your plumbing or tree cutting sites. We have looked heavily into what would be best the fit for your service industry.

We believe that the best fit for WordPress for the plumbers and tree cutting services will be based on these key elements.

Location of Address and Phone Numbers- It is extremely important that the phone numbers and address be located at the top of the site. Does the site give you access to have your business information where it can be seen right away? You do not want people having to look or search throughout your website for your business information.

Places to showcase your business- Does the wordpress theme give you the ability to showcase your reviews from reputable sites. Some of the reputable sites that you will need are the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Home Advisor and Thumbtack. These are excellent sites to showcase customer reviews and it gives credibility to your clients who are visiting your site.

Place for customers to leave reviews- Is there a place where your customers could leave a review? Reviews are huge when people are looking for companies that they can trust. If you have a wordpress site that lets you leave reviews, then it will boost conversion for your company.

Here are a few WordPress Theme Sites for Plumbers that we have found:

Themeforest Plumber

Frog Themes Plumber

Plumber Lite

Plumber WordPress Theme

Here are a few WordPress Theme Sites for Tree Cutting Services that we have found:

ADM Local Business Pro

Landscaping Pro

ABC Garden Lite

For more information you can check out some of our YouTube videos to see how we have helped other service industry companies.